containers & lcl’s

should I buy container volumes or just buy locally?

Contact us and we will help you build the business case to determine which option is best for you.

I am interested in purchasing a container of sheet rubber, how do I do that?

First step is to contact us by phone or email so we can hold an initial discussion around what you want. For this talk you should be prepared to discuss:

  1. Your estimated annual purchase volumes
  2. Type of polymers you are interested in, as well as their related thicknesses, lengths, widths and durometers.

How much sheet rubber comes in a container?

A custom container order ranges anywhere from 10,000 lbs to 54,000 lbs of sheet rubber material. All container orders are based on weight, not by the number of sheet rubber rolls you intend to order.

As a general benchmark a 20 foot container can hold in the neighborhood of 40,000 – 44,000 lbs and a 40 foot container can hold 50,000 – 54,000 lbs.

Less than container load (LCL) orders will be reviewed and possibly subject to additional freight charges depending on the weight and destination. An LCL is considered anything less than a 40,000 lbs order.

Can I choose which styles/Grades will come in my Container?

Absolutely, yes.  We offer all major polymer types as well as the opportunity to order polymers not listed on the products page.

Your container order can include a variety of materials, mixing and matching as you please. If you have any questions about your order or potential order please contact us.

How long does a container order take

From time of order until time of delivery you can expect the whole process to take 60-65 days. The first 30 days are for production with the last 30-35 days assigned for shipping. The more complex an order (IE. number of polymers, variety roll lengths/widths/durometers involved) will likely increase the lead time.

Who is responsible for the Customs, Duties, and Taxes?

Unless otherwise desired, we will handle the logistics and import requirements, including customs, duties, and taxes. We make it easy for you to get the sheet rubber products you need, at the destination you want, in the most efficient and effective manner.

do i have to pay for the material up front

No, all orders are financed by us until the material is delivered and inspected by you at your location. Some exceptions exist, please contact us to find out more.