EPDM Sheet Rubber


Premlene EPDM sheet rubber is a superior material for outdoor and ozone environment applications. This rubber provides better resistance to acids, alkali and ketones than standard SBR rubber material. It has good resistance to most water-based chemicals, vegetable-based hydraulic oils and can also provide a small amount of resistance to alcohols. EPDM sheet is typically used for construction and automotive applications where high temperature (up to 150°C) and excellent aging characteristics are required. The highest temperature resistance is achieved by using peroxide cured grades.

typical EPdm sheet rubber dimensions
  • Available in 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 duro.
  • Lengths of 25, 50, or 100 feet long.
  • Thicknesses between 1/32 and 2 inches.
  • Widths between 2 and 72 inches.
  • Surface finish is smooth both sides but also available with fabric finish.
  • Available with cloth inserts up to 4 ply.
  • Custom lengths also available.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and material test reports are available upon request.
Why use epdm sheet rubber
  • Low electrical conductivity.
  • Flexible material.
  • Good Tensile Strength.
  • Excellent color stability.
key epdm features
  • Age resistant.
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Good For Outdoor Applications.
  • Heat resistant.
  • High/low temperature range.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Ozone resistant.
GradeStyleDuroTensile (PSI)Elongation (%)ColorSpecifications
CommercialEPS-CSS40, 50, 60, 70, 80725 min.VariesBlackDownload
PremiumEPS-PR-4A50, 60800VariesBlackDownload
PremiumEPS-PR-BA50, 60800VariesBlackDownload
PremiumEPS-HSS50, 60, 701500VariesBlackDownload