Why Premlene Sheet rubber

Through World-Class compounding and more than 3.2 million lbs in mixing, calendaring and curing capacity, Premlene is able to support your growth. From commercial Neoprene sheet rubber to AASHTO specialty grades, the Premlene product line covers all major polymer types – each designed for a specific purpose within the industrial world. 

For example, Neoprene sheet rubber (polychloroprene) possesses excellent chemical, oil, and heat resistance characteristics. This chemical composition generates outstanding performance qualities, making Neoprene the material of choice for general engineering applications. On the other hand, outdoor applications often take full advantage of EPDM’s (ethylene propylene diene monomer) superior ozone and weathering characteristics, regardless of the operating environment. Premlene has a sheet rubber material that will meet your application needs. If not, we are always happy to develop one.

typical dimensions

Premlene sheet rubber products are sold in roll form with lengths, widths and thickness customized to the customers liking. As common guideline, rolls are shipped in lengths of 25, 50, or 100 feet long. In thicknesses between 1/32 inch and 1 inch. And in widths of 6 inches to 4 feet. Larger thicknesses and custom lengths are also available. 

Third party testing

Even though we provide an in-house test report with every order. As an added measure of confidence, Premlene technical specifications are verified by Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc (ARDL). ARDL is the leading international laboratory for product testing and development within the rubber industry.

innovative packaging

Premlene’s innovative black plastic wrapping ensures every roll of rubber you purchase is protected from the elements until you are ready to use it.

For an in depth review of our material and technical specifications, explore the products below.

Neoprene                                                Natural Rubber                                              Viton

Nitrile                                                      SBR                                                                 Hypalon

EPDM                                                       Butyl                                                               Rubber Matting