premlene quality

quality policy

Premlene™ prides itself on providing quality products to our customers. In the event of a quality issue, Premlene will do its best to ensure the situation is rectified and all parties involved are satisfied with the outcome.

Premlene warranties all products (unless specified otherwise) for 10 months from the date of shipment to be free of manufacturing defects and to meet the product’s published Premlene specifications. Representative product sample of “Defective” product is to be returned to Premlene for Testing/Examination by Premlene and a 3rd party lab. If testing/examination shows that the product fails to meet the published specifications, Premlene may offer product value credit, replacement or discount (to be determined by Premlene). This warranty is limited to the value of the defective product. Product quality and specifications will not be warranted for longer than 10 months from shipping date. Installation charges of replacement products are not included under this warranty (eg. additional labor). Premlene is not responsible for indirect or incidental damages of any nature resulting from the use of this product.

bi-weekly quality updates

As part of our service commitment, Premlene will send out bi-weekly updates on your quality issue stating the problem and current status. However, if you have any questions regarding an outstanding quality issue please contact Premlene at for an update.

vital factors checklist

The Vital Factors Checklist™ allows Premlene to work with our customers to identify all essential criteria; from product specifications and packaging requirements to delivery timing and communication procedures. To support prevention of quality issues, The Vital Factors Checklist™ must be completed prior to shipment. These are to be confirmed at the time of order and will be referred to in the event of a quality issue.

quality issues

Quality errors must be communicated to Premlene in writing within 30 days of receipt of order and signed by a company manager to qualify for credit, replacement or discount. A Quality Correction form will be sent to the customer to be completed and returned.

Quality errors include but are not limited to:

  • Specifications requested by customer when order is submitted are not met
  • Under cured material
  • Standard specifications are not within tolerance (eg. Durometer, Tensile, Elongation)

Premlene does not inventory (directly) and therefore does not accept returned material. However, Premlene will use its best efforts to assist the customer to find alternate disposition.