Premlene R&D

When looking for something different, you take the path less traveled. You take the harder route. The one that might take longer. This is because you know, when you finally do succeed, it means you have found something special. Premlene™ R&D will help you achieve the exceptional result you are searching for.

As your collaborative partner, Premlene offers a variety of services. We help with sheet rubber selection, product testing, and polymer troubleshooting. Or from product appearance issues to physical properties to material tolerances. Premlene is always willing to develop something new.

Through talented engineers and extensive R&D, product concepts will be tested and evaluated until the right material is created. Sometimes tests last a few months, other times a couple of years. Nevertheless, Premlene is committed to your timeline and will see development through until all options are tried.

Successful Developments Include:

  • EPDM Automotive Grade
  • Neoprene 1751Z-SEO-0100
  • Nitrile ASTM D2000 1BA610
  • And Many More

Don’t see a match for your requirements on the website? Premlene’s technical team is one of the best in the business and loves new challenges. Contact Premlene to start your product development.

Premlene R&D - SBR gaskets, excellent long working life