100% Quality Guarantee

We estimate for every $1 dollar of off-spec product you receive, the real cost to your company is closer to $3. As a result, the additional costs come in the form of; extra material handling, product inspection, product quarantine, lost production time, possible damaged equipment and replacement material costs. All of which need to be factored in to get the true cost of receiving poor quality material.

This is where our 100% Quality Guarantee comes in. It provides the added confidence and peace of mind that you’ll get your money’s worth when you order your sheet rubber from us.

That is to say, you will never be out of pocket for material you can not use or sell. By ironing out all the important details prior to your container order, we ensure it shows up exactly how you expect.

We have made delivering quality our priority, and when you buy directly from us, this is where your savings start.