Fabric Insert Types – EE, EP or PP?

WHat is the difference between EE, EP or PP? A common question among sheet rubber buyers centers around fabric inserts. Not all fabric inserts are the same. In fact, there are many different types of fabric inserts you can use. From cotton, to polyester to nylon, your choices might seem as endless as the various […]

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Premlene’s Most Common Grades

In order to help you with your material search, the items listed below are some of our most common selling products. Many of these grades are available with: Smooth or Fabric Surface Finish Polyester or Nylon Cloth Inserts (1-4 ply) In Various Durometers Multiple Roll Dimensions Interested in Premlene sheet rubber? Premlene™ products can be […]

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A Quick Guide to Recycled Rubber

This might sound counter intuitive but when starting from tire stock, or recycled rubber, you actually start from one of the highest quality rubber compounds offered. Although we might not think about it, rubber tires are made from sophisticated rubber compounds which offer all type of performance characteristics. Those same outstanding properties can then be transferred […]

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