Fluoroelastomer Sheet Rubber


Premlene Fluoroelastomer sheet rubber, otherwise known as viton rubber, provides excellent resistance to heat, solvents and most chemicals. It is designed to operate at very high temperatures making it well suited for hot grease, engine and compressor type applications. In addition, this rubber sheet has outstanding resistance to chemical attack by oxidation, acids and fuels. It also has good oil resistance, however, limited resistance to steam, hot water, methanol, and other highly polar fluids. This rubber is available in standard and special grades, the latter can be designed to have particular properties to improve low temperature resistance.

  • Available in 70 and 75 duro.
  • Lengths of 25, 50, or 100 feet long.
  • Thicknesses between 1/32 and 2 inches.
  • Widths between 2 and 72 inches.
  • Surface finish is smooth both sides but also available with fabric finish.
  • Custom lengths are also available.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and material test reports are available upon request.
why use fluoroelastomer sheet rubber
  • High performance material.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals.
  • Extraordinary weathering characteristics and oxidation resistance.
  • Suitable for use in corrosive and high temperature applications.
Key fluoroelastomer FEATURES
  • Chemical resistant.
  • Flame resistant.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Excellent high/low temperature range.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Ozone resistant.
GradeStyleDuroTensile (PSI)Elongation (%)ColorSpecifications