Rubber Matting


Premlene SBR (CRS) or optional Vinyl/SBR blended rubber mat products are a great material for whenever floor protection or safety is a concern. By using rubber as a protective liner between machinery and your floors or people and your floors, you can prevent costly damage from occurring. Both CRS and vinyl/SBR blended floor mats hold their own benefits. Each are specifically designed to be resistant to a variety of elements including chemicals, oils, solvents, etc. Understanding your floor mat’s use environment will go a long way to increasing its service life. Our rubber matting is manufactured in a variety of top finishes and colors. Featuring four anti-slip designs, all finishes create the optimal balance between slip resistant and performance. These mats also avoid bacteria build up and are a valuable solution for industrial applications as well as DIY requirements.


Premlene rubber matting is now sold in retail locations across Canada. Visit to purchase today. Or use their selector tool to find your nearest Princess Auto location.

  • Diamond tread.
  • Fine/Wide ribbed.
  • Grizzly tread.
  • Round top.
  • Commercial ribbed matting.
  • Industrial rloor matting.
  • Flame resistant matting.
Key rubber matting features
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Competitively priced.
  • flame resistant.
  • Good for general purpose applications.
GradeStyleDuroTensile (PSI)Elongation (%)ColorSpecifications