Premlene’s Most Common Grades

In order to help you with your material search, the items listed below are some of our most common selling products. Many of these grades are available with:

    • Smooth or Fabric Surface Finish
    • Polyester or Nylon Cloth Inserts (1-4 ply)
    • In Various Durometers
    • Multiple Roll Dimensions
NES-ESSNeoprene350-695200-220% #3 swell
NES-XTNeoprene500-740200-220% #3 swell
NEO-HT Neoprene800/
NIS-SSNitrile640-72560-90% #3 swell
EPS-CSSEPDM725-880Ozone Resistant
CRS-SSSBR, NR/Recycled435-710/
GMS-SSGum Rubber2300/
VIS-CSSFluoroelastomer1000400°F work temp
Interested in Premlene sheet rubber?

Premlene™ products can be selected with guidance from a sheet rubber expert who will verify that the product benefits produce the best performance for you. Premlene materials are available exclusively through Premlene and select Premlene distributors. Please contact customer service to learn more.